Tuesday, March 24, 2009


So a few weeks ago I was driving down 17th and I pass a guy in the lane next to me that had Idaho plates but his truck was totally decked out in husker paraphernalia. Stickers all over the place. AFter I passed him a little, he started to catch up to me, and then I look over as our cars are neck and neck and he is giving me the thumbs up and yelling something at me. I don't even have to assume. I give him the thumbs up and mouth "Go Huskers!" He gets a huge smile on his face and I turn off the street. So yesterday I was driving on Adams, and guess who I pass? The Husker fan with his truck all decked out in Husker paraphernalia. This time he catches up to me and rolls down his window. I have my client roll down the passenger side, and he yells, "are you a Husker fan?" I yell back "Of course" and we turned off. My client thought he was crazy, and maybe he was a little to the people of Idaho, but to the people of Nebraska he is just another fan.

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brelynnj said...

ha ha ha this is sooooooooooo true!!