Thursday, December 3, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

25 Random things about me. ( I only did this cause I was tired of getting tagged all the days on facebook)

1. I can't sleep without a blanket. Even in the hot summer nights. I have to have something covering me.
2. I have always been good with money, and graduated from college debt free, and I still have never had debt.
3. I haven't owned a pink or purple article of clothing since I was in elementary school.
4. I have freckles on the back of my left hand, but not on the back of my right.
5. I had braces for 4 years.
6. I am a very territorial person, and have never let people borrow my clothes.
7. I abhor onions, but I love green onions.
8. When i was little, a greater percentage of my face was covered in freckles than wasn't.
9. I dislike candy unless it has chocolate in it. I dislike skittles, starbursts, gummies, suckers (except the chocolate tootsie pop) etc.
10. There are 2 smells that always make me nauseous, popcorn and BO, My stomach can't handle either of them. (and if you were wondering, I dislike popcorn.)
11. I LOVE mexican food, and could eat it everyday for the rest of my life.
12. I am obsessed with little brown children. Can't get enough of them and their huge chocolate cow eyes! Adorable!
13. Spiders don't scare me at all, but mice freak me out. I am petrified of them in all forms, and if I see one I could climb a pole.
14. I love to travel and see places I have never been before.
15. I love music, and always have it playing wherever I go.
16. For some reason I share my most personal thoughts in the dark, when nobody in a million years could pull it out of me in the light of day.
17. I sleep with my stuffed animal "Yuffy" I just never broke the habit I guess, and I have tried and it just feels weird. It is definitely a sensory comfort thing. I am not afraid to admit this one either.
18. I am a people person, and I LOVE meeting new people and am intrigued by their life stories.
19. I love humor and harassing people. And I love getting teased in return. If you aren't making fun of me, I don't feel loved!
20. My first car's name was Al Qaeda. Pronounced (Al kade a) cause I bought her on September 11, 2001.
21. I am really a Red Headed Step Child!
22. I went on a 2 year boy fast where I decided that I wasn't going to "crush" on boys anymore.
23. I have only been to the doctors 9 times in my entire 24 years of existence.
24. I was painfully shy and wouldn't talk much outside of my family, until I was about 13 or 14 years old. Now people probably wish I would stop talking....
25. I love to laugh! I laugh when I am stressed and it is how I have been able to be happy even when life's storms hit. After all life is too hard not to be able to laugh your way through it.

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Rachelle and Logan said...

Okay, two things. 1. You used to say "D.O. for my B.O." all the time at girls camp and youth conference, and to this day I find myself saying that once in a while and thinking of you while I put on my deodorant... Sure, it's kind of creepy, but also kind of sweet, too.
2. I wish you were around when I was in high school! My friends thought I was so mean and had to get used to my humor because I loved to tease and make fun of them. My family had the same kind of humor. But my friends thought I was just mean, so I had to tone it down. I would have made fun of you, Katy.