Monday, January 25, 2010

Days 7-11

Day 7: We had our branch dinner and I didn't leave the chrurch until after 10. We served the branch Craigo's and did a little flirting. It was a good time. I have always looked forward to our monthly dinners.

Day 8: We threw a surprise Birthday Party for our friend Kimball. Not much scandal there.....

Day 9: Last evening of Institute. I also did something kind of extreme for me. I cut my hair!! Eeek!! I was so super scared. But I think I absolutely LOVE it.

Day 10: Friday night was our huge POD activity. We played broom hockey on the ice and enjoyed each other's company. Afterwards we watched a movie.

Day 11: GROUP DATE!!!! It was so super fun. We had to set out and take pictures around town and get items that started with every letter of the alphabet. After we got home we made Rice Krispie sculptures.

Here is our finished product. We are all making "K's" in sign language because most of our names start with "K." But one of my fingers is behind the radar tower and so it looks like I am making a bad gesture, but I swear I'm not!

 This is a picture from the scavenger hunt. This is "B" for butt's (cigarette butts that is.)

....and I just had throw this one in cause I can't get over how mischievous Brandon looks in it!

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Melane said...

Katy, did you notice in your rice crispy pic? It looks like you are giving the camera the finger. Sorry, I am laughing my head off!