Monday, November 15, 2010

A POO-ticular Event

So today was the ward rake and run. It was a good time. But there happened to be a little incident that always seems to happen to me. I guess I just never look were I'm walking because I stepped right into a huge pile of poo. All the people around me could smell it immediately. So I found a stick to try and dig it out of my shoe. But it still smelt BAD! So I put my shoes in a black bag and tossed them in the back of the truck. After the next house was done I went to get back in the truck and noticed my shoes were gone. I looked everywhere as the truck pulled away. I had lost my pooey shoes. :( So the remainder of the night I continued to rake and pick up leaves in just my stocking feet. After we were done we drove back to the house and we found my shoes in the bottom of a bag of leaves. SOMEBODY would have had to of got the bag out of the truck, unknotted it, disregarded the pungent smell, and filled it with leaves. Good thing I was just laughing the whole time. Unfortunate events like that always seem to happen to me. I just "come what may and love it." Pooey shoes or non pooey shoes, life is good. :)

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DangGina said...

stepping in poo is the worst. just sayin'.