Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I Heart Them

Recently I have started a new job where I am in two different departments. One of the jobs I do is help with case management for substance abusers who are on probation. I meet with each of them bi-weekly and sit down and I help them with things that could possibly be a stressor that could interfere with their recovery. Well as I have met with each one I have just had this overwhelming feeling of love for them. I just love them! I can't even put it into words. It is so much that I have to seriously contain myself to not just jump off my seat and give them a huge hug and say, "you're amazing, and I know you can do it!" I know that I cannot make their decisions for them but I want them so badly to let me help them, to do whatever I can to get them back on the right path. I know that they are super naughty, but many of them grew up in a family situation where they never had a chance, they were never taught how to live life. So with my heart bursting every time I meet with one, I feel like maybe in the smallest stretch of the imagination I have caught a glimpse of the way our Father feels about them too. How perfect his love is for each of his children. That it doesn't matter how far off the path we go, that he is ALWAYS there with his arms outstretched for us, for them, and He loves us so perfectly. Through this experience I am learning more about what a Christ like love is and to not pass harsh judgements. Many times I have passed judgements on people only later to hear their complete story and feeling like a huge jerk face. Our Father and Heaven loves them so much, let's help him look out for them and love them cause they are most definitely the ones who need love the most.

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