Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Symbolism of Hubcaps

So i just don't get it! I mean I know I don't have the nicest car in the world, but I love my car and want it to look nice. I remember about three years ago I was bragging about my car Al-Quaeda and I was telling people that yeah she was old but that she wasn't white trash, after all mine still had all her hubcaps, and that is the most white trashy thing that could happen to your car is to lose your hubcaps. I am not exaggerating but that very week I lost my first hubcap! I was so miffed! Wow God has such a sense of humor! He is just so funny! I thought wow I was jinxed for sure. So I closed my mouth and didn't utter another word about white trash cars and hubcaps.

Then a year later I was having a really hard time with some things in my life, and I thought I would just go for a drive, escape, have a little alone time. As I was driving east of Rexburg and thinking my life couldn't get any worse I lost another hubcap! WOW! I can just feel the love. Then like 2 months later I was driving my friends around because of course they don't have cars. They wanted to go to this lake out in the boondocks. It was a 2 hour drive and they made me go on this dirt road with a million ruts and the road winded around for it felt like hours. I was so mad because I could tell my car was upset, and I just wanted to stop and find an easier place to go to. We really should have taken a 4 wheel drive truck up there, but my friends said that there holiday would be ruined if we didn't go to this lake. We get there and the lake is super gross. So they dip their toes in and decide that they want to go back. I was SOOOO mad! All the way back I was cursing their names and what do you know, my hubcap falls off.

Now I am down to one, and when life gets hard and I feel like I just can't go on I pay close attention to that one last hubcap! So recently I have felt like it may go any day now. So today I was driving around with one of my kids and a van that was just ahead of me in lane next to me had a hubcap that looked a little loose. About 10 seconds later it falls off and I have to swerve to dodge it. Now I am just really torn between what this could mean. Maybe the Lord has forgiven me and is trying to give me a hubcap. Maybe he is trying to tell me that other people have hard days too and he takes their hubcaps as well. Or maybe he really does still have me on friendship timeout and he is now throwing hubcaps at me! I don't know if I shall ever know, but it gives me something to think on as I fall asleep at night!!!


Teddy and Scotty said...

Oh my gosh you kill me. Now that was a good laugh. My car's a P.O.S. too, so I feel for you as far as the whole white trash things goes. I'm excited to hear how long the last hubcap stays on. They'll come back, God loves ya.

Em Ybarra said...

you're awesome. ya know, that really makes me think about the times i've lost hubcaps...hmmmm.... ;)

brelynnj said...

Katy I am rolling, seriously rolling with laughter. If you really need a hub cap one of these days I would buy you one in a heartbeat. Heck I'd pitch in to get you some Rims (now that is classy!) we will get ha some chrome and you can get all ghetto jersey on those idahoans!! Lots of love from me to you!!

Sarah said...

You are soooo funny. Today in R.S. Becky mades is repeat like 5 times that everyone has trials. "okay every one, who has trials?" "Everyone has trials." Reading this just made me laugh even harder. Hang on to that hubcap baby.