Sunday, March 30, 2008

How many ways can you spell HELL!!!!

So I have been having a lot of trust issues with men! Let's just say I won't keep that part a secret. I went on a boy fast for two years and am now just recently deciding to give them a chance again. It has been something I have been really working on lately, and I got set up on this blind date. I really didn't have any expectations, yeah blind dates have always sucked for me, but I was okay with it this time, even if there were a lot of awkward silences. I really didn't care enough about it, to worry.

The last thing that I thought to myself before the doorbell rang was even if it is awkward or whatever, just let him be a nice boy and give me a reason to like boys again......then the doorbell rang. I answered it and nothing could have prepared me for my night in HELL!!!

Standing before me was a scrawny guy in light blue stranglers and a belt buckle the size of Texas. I knew I was in for a treat. There was also a married couple in their 30's that accompanied us. So the other four of us were crammed in the back of the car sitting in each other's laps. So my date puts his arm around me. A little awkward. He starts talking about all this farming stuff and how he isn't used to the big city. He had the hick accent and all. This guy was the most IMMATURE person I have ever met. He was sarcastically rude and crude and his language was awful. But I kept a smile plastered on my face. So we decided to go to firehouse grill which I had been the night before on a previous date. Yikes! Better yet my friend that i was best friends with for 2 years and then we had a falling out was a waitress there so I was trying to hide my face the entire night so she wouldn't see me. The dinner wasn't too bad, except that they were talking about vulgar things and making me feel really uncomfortable, and talking down to us by spelling words out for us.


After the dinner they wanted to go skittles bowling and so we went to Wal mart to buy the skittles and he decided to get into the toy bus for kids to ride and got stuck. He didn't really talk to me the entire night and was just goofing off. We then made our way to the bowling alley and he would roll the window down and cat call to the girls on the sidewalks. We got to the bowling alley and it was booked until 1:00 in the morning so we again got into the car to find something else to do. (this whole time of course Ellisa's date is opening the doors for her and of course mine isn't.)In the parking lot he started singing I'm a little teapot and doing cartwheels. WOW!!!

So then we decide to go skating. Which is the number one thing I hate to do on dates because I am super awkward with it. So we go to Starlite Skating at 9:15 and the lady told us that they closed at 9:45. So I am thinking that i am in luck and we would be able to go home. Then the married guy told her that my date and I were on our honeymoon. So she let us all in for free. So at least we only had like a half hour to skate. So the first 15 minutes went well and our dates left us and did their own thing and then the last 15 minutes the guy comes over the loud speaker and said that the last 15 minutes was dedicated to couples skating. Yikes. So I link arms with him and he grabs my hand and we skate around for 15 minutes holding hands. I was so tired and stressed out that I fell and he fell on top of me and I had to push him off. It was soooooo awkward. Then we left and the doorstep scene was awkward because everyone was watching. He asked for a hug though and I was NEVER more happy to see the inside of my apartment!!! Why oh why does this ALWAYS happen to me!!!!


Cornfields, children and waterballet said...

OH Katie! Don't hold back. This date sounds like "HELL" to me. I could set you up on a few dates back here in good old Kearney. There are a few boys here in Kearney that could talk about farming and all that fun stuff.

jamila said...


I'm sorry!! That sounds awful! Maybe the guy was just really nervous, so he was inadvertantly a jerk? Thanks for sharing the story, though. I have to say that I'm kind of glad I can't top it. I have definitely had some awkward ones, though. Ugggh!! I like your guy fast idea - maybe I should go on one. It would make life way less complicated.

Teddy and Scotty said...

Oh that was a great way to start out my day Katester! Thanks for posting that, it truly sounds like the date from HELL. Bless your heart. I hope things get better for you, I can't imagine they'd get any worse....

Matt Schultz said...

This is such a classic!