Saturday, March 15, 2008

To my good friends that have put up with me....

So I wanted to dedicate a section of my blog to my good friends that I couldn't have gotten through parts of my life without them. This one goes out to you.....

Thank you so much for moving into the branch when I needed you the most. I think I might have died without you! You were so much fun, and I will never forget passing notes in Sunday School and your family's "personality" van. You really were a ray of sunshine in my life and I just needed another fun mormon girl in my life at that time.

I don't think I would have survived seminary and mutual without you there. I appreciate your randomness and your sense of adventure. Remember the random trip to Hastings and our duct tape halloween costumes! Thanks for staying my friend even through the rough times. Never forget cruising central and how angels were always around to protect us when riding in your car!

Jared Bear
Holy Cow! We have been through a lot together. Primary and your mom and all her favorite mormon ads. I love it! Then there was the certain girl that had a crush on every boy and wanted to sit on your lap! That still cracks me up to this day! Then seminary with Craig Bear and all that awkwardness. Sitting at the celestial table and worshipping the frog idol! Then the night out you don't remember, and now fun times at BYUI and me trying to help you will all your women! Let's be friends for a while!

Thanks for putting up with me and letting me grow and just understanding me. Thanks for being there for me when my mom died and when my dad remarried. Thanks for not judging me and just loving me despite all my "feelings". You have always been there for me. Thanks for our late night talks about how dumb boys are (one in paticular) and allowing me to vent and you just laugh at me. Thanks for being naughty with me and playing truth or ....TRUTH and having romance novel night. You never ever tried to make me change how I felt you just gave an understanding shoulder which was what I really needed. I LOVE you SO much!

I cannot even tell you how you have affected my life. I LOVE you! Michelle, you always managed to keep a smile on my face. I love the way that you look at life and how you love everyone. You are so positive and always helped me to see life a little rosier. I can always rely on you to help me feel better about myself. I think you are amazing! Thanks for keeping me in line. Even if I have to sing in Relief Society I will still be at your wedding!!!! I promise!

I freaking love you! We roomed together for only one semester but i can't think of a better semester than that one. It was like the finale of roommates! I loved driving in your car with your subs. It made me feel cool. I loved the afternoons we would talk when I should have been at my internship. You were definitely the logical one. Never forget white glove in the bathroom !!! That was one of the most fun nights ever! (all of this is under the "this I say is true" vow)

When we first met it was an instant connection and we always said that we had known each other before. I still think that that could be true! You are a great girl and I think that is why we just needed to go our separate ways. I will always love you though and our unforgettable experience in Ecuador. I am so happy that you went with me. I am so glad that we were able to have our late night walks to the temple and have such deep conversations. I do miss that a lot. Sometimes I still think that things could have turned out so much differently, but life really takes weird turns sometimes. But I will always cherish the memories.

Remember when I hated you? I am SO glad that didn't last. You're great and you always keep me laughing. I am so excited for you to go on your mission. You will be great! I will miss you so much though. Thanks for being our roommate (even though you technically weren't). P.S. I am reading Jesus the Christ least opening the cover....

Thanks for being friends with me and being there when I need to vent. You are great at just listening and not judging me, even when I am being dumb. Thanks for hanging out with me even if you have to say a prayer after leaving our house. You're the best!

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