Wednesday, March 5, 2008

100 things about me...... (Good or bad)

Wow! At first it was hard thinking of things. Then I hit about 40 and I couldn't stop thinking of them! I hope you enjoy this list, but before you read there is a disclaimer that whatever you read you cannot judge me by.

1. When I was born the doctor knew immediately that I had red hair!!
2. My mom and dad named me Katherine Ashley at first for the first month and then changed my name to Katy Christine.
3. I served in the orphanages in Ecuador for three months.
4. My nicknames include: Spongecakes, Kate, Katers Pataters, Willy, and Hall Child.
5. I absolutely abhor the color pink and purple.
6. I have lived in five different states.
7. I LOVE to travel and want to travel anywhere and everywhere.
8. I LOVE Mexican food! Any kind and I am super happy.
9. I don't like sugar in my drinks. So I don't like lemonade, kool aid, or fruit punch. I stick with diet drinks, water, or juices.
10. I love diet coke, but have cut back a lot in the last 4 years.
11. My cars name is Al-Qaeda because I bought her on September 11, 2001.
12. I am addicted to American Idol.
13. I have an obsession with the Amish and would have to say if I wasn't Mormon I would be Amish!
14. I abhor popcorn in its entirety and the smell makes me nauseous.
15. I put hot sauce on almost everything.
16. I have always loved animals and anything living such as plants.
17. I am a social worker and work as a PSR worker for The Children's Center.
18. My cats name is Pedro Tortilla Chiquita Maria, and he lives with my daddy!
19. My sister and I recently bought a guinea pig, his name is Ninja.
20. I found out recently that I have an allergy to penicillin.
21. I butt flopped while bridge jumping and couldn't sit down for two days and will never do it again!!
22. I love running and am so excited to start again!!
23. I love to be clean, and can't live in houses and cars that are messy.
24. I always seem to be cold and can never be warm enough!
25. Some of my toes and fingers will randomly become cold and I have to warm them up! (Bad circulation I am guessing)
26. I have an allergy to Kiwi?
27. I am a red headed stepchild (but I don't get beat like one)
28. I am the second child of 7 kids. The seventh to be born in May.
29. I have a loud laugh that people never cease to comment on.
30. I love country music. It is truly my passion. It just makes me feel good inside.
31. I could name almost any breed of chicken.
32. I graduated from BYU-Idaho with a B.S. in Social Work
33. I really despise "girly" things, like dresses, and stiletto heels. UGH!
34. I want to read more of the classic novels especially Dickens.
35. I have a weird obsession with Greyhounds, and have always wanted one.
36. I am scared of heights.
37. I am one of the cheapest people you will meet.
38. I love little latin babies and want one super bad!
39. I am rather low maintenance.
40. I have a hard time making decisions.
41. I love the color green.
42. I would love to adopt someday.
43. My worst fear is getting a front bum!! EEK!
44. I have 77 first cousins.
45. I don't enjoy stake.
46. Vanity Jeans or bust.
47. I love corn dogs!
48. I enjoy baking and things, but never really want to spend the money to do it.
49. I hate feet, and rarely wear flip flops or anything where I can't wear socks with it.
50. I can't tan. I am a red head and when exposed to the sun will become more pink.
51. I enjoy scrapbooking.
52. I don't like anything cliche, except when it comes to mormon culture....give me the minivan with melted crayons on the seat and the CTR rings!!
53. I am truly 100% devoted to my religion.
55. Yes I am a Mormon, and I wouldn't have it any other way.
56. I am a very forgiving person and it takes a lot to betray my trust, but if someone does it takes a lot to earn back my trust again.
57. I have a fish named Kishkumen or "Kish the Fish"
58. I want a boy that will pull my hair a little....that's HOT!
59. I like to sleep with my head under the covers.
60. I have a natural body alarm and no matter what time I have to be up, I will wake up 5 minutes before I am supposed to.
61. I love the rain!!!
62. Talking while walking at night or in the car at night makes me divulge some of my deepest darkest secrets.
63. I am good at reading people.
64. Driving at night in an unfamiliar place gives me bad anxiety.
65. I love to give and receive hugs!
66. I have never gone skiing!!
67. I hate any form of candy unless it has chocolate in it. No skittles, starbursts, etc.
68. I am allergic to nickel and can't wear watches or belts.
69. I love to learn and actually really miss school.
70.I hate looking at pictures of myself and hearing my voice on video!
71. Wal Mart is the one store I could I never live without.
72. I have three BFF's. Ay, Jana and Michelle. (never enough good times)
73. I love to sing to my music, but only when I am by myself!
74. I am pretty much tone deaf!
75. I can growl like a wild cat pretty well.
76. I am 5'1 and love being short!
78. My face used to be plastered in freckles, I prayed every night that they would go away and they did and now I wish I had them back. (Some of them anyway)
79. I had a pet chicken named Sarah when I was little.
80. I used to bite my sister when I was mad at her. (when I was like age 8 and under)
81. I am fiesty!
82. I am a republican and proud of it!
83. I wish I could be more "Molly."
84. I have a fairly large scar on my leg from getting thrown from a cow into a barbed wire fence. (should have got stitches)
85. I have never been in a car accident. (that must mean I am a good driver)
86. Do NOT mess with my family!!!!
87. I grew sick of boys and went on a 24 month boy fast of no crushes.
88. I love the outdoors!
89. I have been hunting
90. I want to complete a "25 times" marathon successfully. (only close friends will ever know what this is)
91. I will more than likely have to break the oath I made with my bff's late one night because at that time I didn't understand the male mind. (there still may be a way around it...)
92. My favorite animal would have to be a donkey. They are just so cute!
93. My favorite character in the Book of Mormon is King Benjamin, and I could and do read his speech over and over!!!
94. I am an expert at being the third wheel.
95. I want to have red haired children. (at least one)
96. I want to run a half marathon
97. I learned how to knit this year, and I actually am pretty good at it.
98. I am going to start quilting again.
99. As much as I make fun of people with a "Y" Chromosome, I actually don't think I could live without them.
100. I love my family so so much and will always remember "the good times!!!"


Reese said...

Kate yours is all way better than mine. It's also funny the ones we have in common without discussing it with each other.

Cornfields, children and waterballet said...

You should check my blog out at www.findingthehappyintodayandmore.

I have a great 100 list. It's a fun blog.

Loved your's.!

You hate popcorn. I couldn't live without it!

Marci said...

add a link to my page from yours