Monday, February 18, 2008

God had me on friendship timeout today!!!

So last night I knew that today was going to be a busy day. A straight nine hour day with no breaks for the potty or even to scratch my butt. So with a huge intimidating day in front of me, I didn't really sleep that well, and would keep awakening in the night from slight nightmares of things that could possibly happen when I awoke. What happened today was worse than all three of my nightmares put together.

So I woke up with a horrible cough, and I thought I was going to cough up a lung or two or maybe even my appendix! Whatever it was I thought I was going to die. Then I drive to work and turn in my notes, and Debbie had brought in some cookies for people to eat. Glancing over at the cookies I casually asked, "What are those?" Then she gives me a horrible look and said in a really mean way, "What do they look like, freaking cookies." Obviously someone else had woken up on the wrong side of the bed too. I told her I just wanted to know what kind of cookies they were. I then left and went to pick up my first client at nine. I got there and the babysitter told me that he was going to be at his grandmas today and I couldn't work with him. Curse the stupid mom for standing me up on our appointment. I got back to the center and ask if I can work with another client and they told me I had to ask my supervisor. I tried to find him but he was in a meeting until 11:00 which didn't help me at all. I then just went and got an hour of work in with my other client. I then went to pick up my Rigby client. She gave me directions to get to his grandmas because that is where I was supposed to drop him off.
I work with him and leave early and confirm the road with Debbie. I start going and get almost clear to Rigby and can't find the right road to turn on. So I call Drew and ask him if I am on the right road. He tells me that I needed to turn onto Northgate Mile clear back in Idaho Falls. I drive back and head down Northgate. I feel like it is wrong and call Marci and ask her. She told me that I was right the first time. So I drive all the way back and call the mom and confirm it. I wandered around Idaho Falls for an hour and a half and couldn't get paid for it. Then as I am driving along the road in the period of 10 minutes two huge rocks hit my windshield and cracked my windshield on both sides. I was so mad!!! I was late to pick up my next client and I have a cracked windshield and I wasn't even getting paid for the time I was spending in hell.

I pick up my next client and he was like a beacon of light in a sea of darkness. He cheered me up with his preciousness. So cute! Anyway, I was still upset about my horrible day. I dropped off my last client and checked my mileage and found out I drove 130 miles around town today. I am SOOO miffed. Then I get home and had to pee so bad because remember how I never had the time to all day. I go in and find out that I am STRANDED!!! Yes stranded! Crazy! Can my day get any worse? Now I am starving food all day. So I hurry and try to eat something my sister had just taken out of the oven, and I burn my mouth and tongue like it is my job!! This is what happens when God puts you on friendship timeout!!! Tonight in my prayers I will call out and ask God if there is any way we can ever be friends again.....

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Teddy and Scotty said...

Oh I freakin love you. I miss having you around. Keep up the good stories and I hope you have a better day tomorrow!