Friday, May 30, 2008

My Poor Little Kearney

It hurts me to see my little hometown all hurt by the fierceness of five tornadoes that touched down last night! I love this little town with all my heart.

"The tornadoes' path was 14 miles long and 100 yards wide. A second tornado struck the city of Kearney at 5:25 p.m. and touched down at various points until about 5:45 p.m.," the Weather Service said.

Here are some photos:

Clouds starting to funnel.

Tornado from a distance.

The destruction.

It also derailed a 44 car train.

And the saddest. The exposition center at the fairgrounds where my friend and I had an amazing night at the monster truck rally, is now no more!

Humongoid trees were uprooted all over town as well

There are no deaths, just a few minor injuries reported, but it is all good. Kearney better watch out though because they say that 2008 will be one of the worst tornado seasons in the last few decades. Living in Nebraska is always an adventure but who else could survive this but my fellow Kearneyites!!! We will survive!!


Marcie said...

That is so scary. I'm so glad your family is okay though!

Em Ybarra said...

so sorry about that! i'm glad there weren't any deaths though. i hope your family continues to remain safe!

Teddy and Scotty said...

Katy!! Am I going to die when I move there????? I am so scared!!! I am glad your fam is okay. And your other post cracked me up. Hyrum Hall sounds EXACTLY like a dorm building at BYU. I was peeing my pants when I read that. SO FUNNY.