Saturday, May 31, 2008


Wow! Well here he is. The newest addition to the Hall clan. I would have to say that he looks kinda more like Melane, but that is ok. He is actually kinda cute in this picture. The first picture they sent us he had just been born and was all swollen and rat like. My dad even said that he appeared to resemble a Gorilla (being as he had a ton of hair and was 10 pounds.) Anyway here is a picture of him. I don't know if he knows quite what he is getting himself into being born to my family and all.

They named him Simon Carter. Melane had been set on the name "Hyrum" but my dad was not to keen on a child being named Hyrum Hall, and I even mentioned that it sounded like the name of a dorm building at BYU. So she decided to find another name. I had mentioned that my favorite name in the world was Carter, and she decided that she liked that name as well. My dad says, "WOW that is a family name on both sides." I told them that they couldn't have it, and Melane told me that I should have my own kids and take it first. HA! That isn't going to happen, so I fought with them for about a year and then begrudgingly let them take it as a middle name. There are times when I need to learn to just keep my mouth shut.

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