Sunday, June 1, 2008


So I come from a family who nicknames everything and somehow the nicknames really stick and are very far from what their original name was. So I have been reviewing some of the nicknames I have accumulated throughout my life.

Katy Jean: My mom always called me this. She just thought it sounded good together. She even said that she had wished she had thought of it when she was originally picking out a name for me. I still like Katy Christine better though. But I will always be Katy Jean to my mom.

Kate Spate, Spatey, Spaters: Hey it rhymes, 'nuff said.

Rosebud: Some people at work called me this.

Hall Child: In high school I called my friend Morgan, "Morgan Child" and so in return she always called me "Hall Child."

Joe: Some people at another job called me this for awhile. It formed from a inside joke having to do with "Joe Mama," can't really remember.

Spongecakes: My BFF's at college would call me this. You don't need to know the reasoning.

Miss Nebraska: People at my job in Rexburg called me this. I loved it!

Kate: Wow most of my family calls me this instead of Katy. So sometimes when other people outside the immediate family call me this it feels a little weird. However, when guys call me Kate, it makes me melt!!!

Cheetah: My sister's good friend who I like to call "Snubs" calls me this. I don't really know why.

Tato: My friend Marcie calls me this. Don't know where she got it from.

Spazz: My first semester at BYUI my roommates called me this.

Red headed step child: I am one, need I say more?

Katers pataters: My grandpa called me this, and I don't have many memories of him, but I do remember him calling me this.

Hunkin Dunkins: When I was like three my dad called me Humpty Dumpkins one time, and I got all redhead on him, and yelled at him not to call me Hunkin Dunkins. They tormented me with if for most of my childhood.

Anyway I am sure there are more, but that is all I can think of at the moment. At least they are better than my siblings' nicknames. I really can't complain with the lot I have been given.


Reese said...

ha ha ha hunkin dunkins ha ha ha ha

jamila said...

I can sympathize - my dad is way into nicknames, and I have had a ton from him, not counting those from others.

Marcie said...

Haha I like this blog! I might have to steal your idea if that is okay? Now let me explain Tato. Well crap I just realized I can't remember the exact thought process that came up with it but it was something to do with rhyming with your name and then something... haha but I promise it made sense.

Michelle said...

Oh spongecakes I love you!!! Strawberry!!

Michelle said...

Kate I just want to leave my comment about going on a date even though you know it will never work out...I think you should be christ like...what now!!! I love you and so I am commenting on your blog because like it's my job!!

Rhonda said...

I am familiar with the names of each of your heads. Logan told me you are perfect red head and he is poopie head. Your family does like the nicknames and it is cute. Hope you are well.