Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Thoughts from a for real “Red Headed Step Child”

Redheads certainly have earned themselves a reputation throughout history. I do think that many of the perceptions of the red head are indeed stereotypical and don’t fit every single red head out there. This is not to mean that it isn’t true for the majority of them though. Just like Pit Bulls are by disposition mean and unpredictable that is not to say that all of them are this way. There are a few out there who don’t fit into that category and wouldn't hurt a fly.

As in this comparison I deem that red heads are indeed that same way. I believe that reputations are earned for a reason. There must be some sort of genetic link with the gene of red hair that makes red heads...well...makes them who we know them as today.

Common stereotypes of the redhead:

It takes about 20% more anesthesia to sedate a redhead.

Egyptians would have redheads burned alive because they were thought to be evil.

Indians believed that redheads had caught the sun in their hair.

Redheads are thought to be untrustworthy and Judas has often been depicted as a redhead.

Russians claim that red hair is a sign of a fiery temper and craziness.

Redheads are hot tempered and sassy.

Redheads are spicy and passionate.

They have light skin and are more prone to burning, wrinkles, and skin cancer.

I would have to say that there are probably a lot of these stereotypes that perfectly describe me. Wow I think I have been called feisty more than my fair share of times. I also need a little extra numbing when I see the dentist or doctor. When I was young it was a struggle every night for my parents to put my pajamas on me. I would kick scream and bite them. When I am mad, people have often described me as “a snake in the grass”. I go for it and nothing will stop me. I would have to say that I am rather unpredictable as well. But that is what makes life fun. I enjoy being a redhead, and I think that my friends have enjoyed me despite the quirks that come with having the hair. I guess just consider it a warning label, and know that for most men I am probably TMTH (too much to handle)!!!!


Em Ybarra said...

well, you may be feisty and a little crazy, but you are definitely the coolest red head i know!

Marcie said...

Redheads are HOT! You forgot that one. Haha :]

Hillary Harward said...

You are so funny where do you come up with this stuff! Where did you get your blog background as well?

Michelle said...