Sunday, June 22, 2008

Princes & Frogs

Does prince charming really exist? Fairy Tales have always presented men of valor and charm sweeping ladies off their feet and living happily ever after. Our society has scoffed at this image and has responded with the fact that prince charming is only a fantasy character and could never exist. Nobody is perfect and no man could ever live up to those expectations. So is this true? When women say they are looking for their prince charming, do men honestly think that it is a perfect man they are looking for who is free of fault. I don't think so. I don't believe anyone can be perfect, but can't a man be a perfect gentlemen? Is this too much to ask? Evidently so. The frogs think they are princes and the princes think they are frogs. So why the big mix up? I don't really know.

I am going to dedicate this blog to those men out there who are princes and think they are frogs.

Bachelor #1: This boy is amazing. I met him when I was 9 years old. We have been friends ever since. He was there during my awkward years and was with me through the rotten high school years. He was also my BFF in seminary and made 5:45 in the morning a whole lot more entertaining. Now when I am having boy problems he will call me and console me and try to make everything better. He is the boy I call for boy advice and I know that we will always be friends.

Bachelor #2: A boy I met up at school. He is the PERFECT gentlemen. Any girl that knows him will vouch for me. When he runs into a girl who is walking home from campus or his apartment complex (whether he is interested in her or not),he will always walk her home. He opens doors even when he isn't on dates. And one time when I had $0 and no coat in January he took me to buy a coat and spent $40 on me. He did it out of the kindness of his heart. What kills me is that he is so perfect (the perfect gentlemen) but thinks that he is a frog.

Bachelor #3: This guy is also amazing. He genuinely cares about girls even the ones he isn't interested in. He is kind and will make time for them all on an individual basis. He treats girls with respect and dignity, and is constantly serving them and being the perfect gentlemen. Obviously he is a prince, but he believes he is a frog.

I only wish that they could see themselves as they truly are. I believe that someday their princesses will come and perform the magic kiss which will transform their images of themselves from frog to prince. So does prince charming really exist? My answer would have to be yes!


Marci said...

oh I love it!
Thanks for sharing!!!

Remember, you are going to bring boy #2 down here so I can meet him, and when you boy #3 at church tell him hello from me!

Sarah said...

I agree. I love reading your blog because it always makes me think. (and thanks for hearting me) ;) I heart Katy Hall . . . with all the fiber of my being!

Matt Schultz said...

So, the boys who are frogs but think they're princes - they're shallow, right? :)