Wednesday, June 18, 2008

So you can better fellowship me.....

I was tagged!
I read this on both Rachel and my sister's blog and thought it looked fun. So, here's a few snippets about me:

What was I doing~-10 years ago: I was living in New Jersey and surviving my early teenage years. I think that I was still painfully shy at this point and probably just got done bawling my eyes out because Bro. Sama asked me to give a talk.

-5 years ago: I had just graduated high school and was working at BK, flirting with Justin, and saving money for college.

-5 months ago: I had just got back from Christmas vacation in Nebraska, enjoying my boy fast, and prepping myself to become a PSR worker because my job position was being done away with.

5 things on my to do list for today:
1- Work 10 hours
2- Call Big O Tire
3- Laundry
4- Choose the right
5- Blog

5 snacks I enjoy:
1- Fresh Fruit
2- Trail Mix
3- Pistachios
4- Hot Sauce
5- Orange Juice

5 things I would do if I was suddenly a billionare:
1- Pay Tithing
2- Buy tons of brown children!!!
3- Buy a husband
4- Buy a house/car
5- Buy some cute clothes

5 of my bad habits:
1- Biting my nails
2- Eating more than I should
3- Facebook
4- Gossip (I don't spread it around I just like to be in "the know")
5- Remembering morning prayers

5 places I have lived:
1- Colfax, WA
2- Woodstown, NJ
3- Amherst, NE
4- Rexburg, ID
5-Ammon, ID

5 jobs I have had:
1- Widener University - Grounds Maintenance
2- Burger King - Non-Commital flirter
3- Holiday Inn - Banquet Server
4- Upper Valley Resource and Counseling Center - PSR/Partial Care/Drug Counseling
5- The Children's Center - PSR/Partial Care

5 things you don't know about me:
1- I HATE onions with an absolute passion.
2- I am petrified of clowns.
3- I was painfully shy until I was about 15.
4- I absolutely LOVE animals!!
5- I have a hair phobia and will not touch women's hair in any form or loose strands of hair!!!

Tag!! You're it!

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Michelle said...

I thought you loved hair...remember the night that I cleaned out the bathroom drain traps and the hair was so old it was moldy...sick but it was at 3 in the morning and we will all!!!