Saturday, July 19, 2008

This is Me

Lately I have been thinking a lot about myself, and the things that I really feel like I need to work on. A few months ago I decided that my self image is not the best. Let's be honest, I think everyone struggles with that at some point. However, I feel as if I can really improve on this aspect of myself. I have recently become addicted to the new song from Jewel. She released a country song entitled "Stronger Woman" that grabbed my attention.

"I guess you could say I'm one of those girls
That's always been with one of those guys
You know the type
Like right now, he sleeps while I write
But it's better than crying
I'm worn out from trying
From loving a man who always makes it clear
I'm not welcome here
Just when he's hungry or frisky
or needs something cleaned
You know what I mean..."

Recently I have been sick of always being the person that does things for people, and never getting anything in return. Sometimes it feels like the only times they want you around is when there is something in it for them. Well I am tired of basing my self-esteem on what others think of me. I'm moving on, because I feel as though I will never feel good about myself if it was based on that.

"...But not tonight
'Cause come the morning light,
I'm gonna love myself more than anyone else
Believe in me, even if someone can't see
The stronger woman in me

I'm going to be my own best friend
Stick with me till the end
Won't lose myself again, never, no,
'Cause there's a stronger woman,
A stronger woman in me."

So about 2 years ago one of my guy friends told me that I was superficial, had no depth, laughed way too much, and would walk all over any guy I was ever in a relationship with. At first I believed him and thought that maybe those things were true. Then as I talked to others and did some soul searching I came to the conclusion that none of those things were true and in fact they were totally the opposite.
So recently I have decided to follow the advice of this song and be a stronger person and not care about what others may think or how I come off to other people, because I know who I am, and so does my Father in Heaven. So from now on I am going to "love myself more than anyone else, believe in me, even if someone can't see the stronger woman in me."


Reese said...

What people say about you will always hurt but if you love yourself it is a ton easier to say man they must be idiots and move on. Amen sister!

Marcie said...

Yes! I love this. Sometimes it is hard to remember to take care of me, myself, and I first. I think that is why I had such a hard time right around when we went for that long walk around your neighborhood, I had been taking care of everyone but me. And it takes its toll.

Candace said...

You are an awesome girl and Im proud of you! Your blog is adorable! Looks like you're having a fun life!

Marci said...

Katy: Thanks for your insightful blog :) I liked it and thought you made a good point. you're great!