Monday, July 28, 2008

Letter From Dear Jake!

Well as I am sure everyone who is reading this already knows - I AM SINGLE. It's not like the word "single" is not blinking across my forehead in neon colors. WOW! Anyway, I am well aware that most of my friends are married and even have 2-3 kids. It's not like I don't notice that I attend the "reject" I mean singles ward here. This isn't something that I'm not fully aware of on a regular basis.

As most of you know my brother is on a mission for our church for 2 years in Brazil. I received this letter from his this morning.

"Still dateless and not even looking around. Tsk tsk tsk. Katy you're going to end up like the wife of Elder Oaks or Melane (our stepmom), not married until you're well past your prime and way old! Sabe que você precisa olhar para todo homen como alguem que você pode caçar! Ha ha ha ha ha! What I said was, you know, you have to look at every man like the prey of the hunt. You can't be miss deer, you have to go out there with your 12 gauge and freaking get you a husband!

Fetch! Just get'er done and get married alright. My goal is to get married within 2 years after my mission so. You will have to get married before you're 30 or you will literally be screwed!"

My brother freaking rocks!! I laughed out loud when I read this! What would I do without my family!?!


jamila said...

Too bad it's not that easy, eh?

Em Ybarra said...

LOL! that's awesome. by-the-way, i only have ONE child, not 2-3, lol! love you katy! good luck with the hunt!

Reese said...

Holy crap Jake is freaking awesome! At least that is what he told me in the email I got from him right after he told me to get hitched as well.