Friday, August 15, 2008

100% Innocent

I am totally innocent.....well, when it comes to my driving anyway. Well I have been pulled over 5 times in my life and have never gotten a ticket. Most of them were dumb reasons and so naturally I didn't get tickets. This time I was actually caught going 38 in a 25. Yeah I will admit I was guilty of going over, but I wasn't guilty because it was in ignorance. Just like sin, if you don't know what you are doing is bad, it shouldn't count against you, right? Anyway, I was on John Adams, which is a 4 lane road, and so I didn't fathom that the speed limit was 25. Well the cop pulled me over, and my friend was in the back laughing uncontrollably the entire time. So of course the cop got peeved and gave me a ticket. So on both accounts I definitely didn't deserve it. So I was miffed that I would be shafted $75, but convinced myself that it was only money and that it wasn't my leg or something.

So the day it was due I went in to the DMV place to pay it. (I don't care what state you live in but I swear to work there you have to have a corn cob stuffed up your butt so far you are choking on it.) So as I moseyed through all the anal retentive security men, I arrived at the driving infractions office, and handed them my $75 cash. Well she looked my information up as many possible ways she could think of, and BAM I wasn't in the system at all. My ticket never existed. The lady told me that if they didn't have record of it then I couldn't be held accountable for it. I left that building with the biggest smirk on my face!!

WOO HOO! That was definitely my tender mercy for that day. I know I didn't deserve that ticket, and I am thinking that the Lord was watching out for me, and knew I didn't deserve it either. In your face you dumb cops, I have the Lord on my side!!!


Em Ybarra said...

hey, that's pretty cool katy! love it!

Teddy and Scotty said...

Oh Katy I am laughing uncontrollably! That is freakin awesome! I am so jealous, if only I could have luck like you. You must be livin' right girlfriend. Hopefully it doesn't turn up like next week or something!