Wednesday, August 20, 2008


So my sister did this on her blog, and she told me that I needed to try it out and put it on my blog. So here it goes.....

1956 - I honestly think I could have been HOT in the 50's!!

1960- Wow this was the style when my parents were born! Yikes!

1968 - I think I look pretty dang good in this one too!

1978 - Don't have much to say about this one....

1982 - WOW I look like my mom HARDCORE in this one. Like a spitting image!

1986 - Here I look kind of more like my sister when she was younger! Glad I never got perms in the 80's!

1992 - Yikes again!

1994 - ....and some more yikes!

1 comment:

Annie Hall said...

Yikes Yikes and more Yikes! HA HA except when you look just like mom! Freaky!