Friday, October 3, 2008

The Best Two Weekends of the Year

So it has been awhile since I have been blogging. Sorry I have been moving and having computer/internet problems. I am thinking of just buying a mac...dunno though. Anyway, conference weekend is almost upon us. It is pretty much the weekend I most look forward to in the year. It always seems to be right before conference when things go wrong. It's almost as if Satan knew what he was doing, imagine that. But conference always seems to administer the right type of medicine to help put me mentally back on the right path.

The week before conference I try to write down 10 questions that I have and then as I watch conference I listen for the answers and write down my impressions. There always seems to be 2 or 3 talks that just seem to hit the spot. Then later when the issue comes out I read the talk over and it really has nothing to do with my problem. I guess that is just how the spirit works and how our Heavenly Father can answer all of our prayers and not just a few. I <3 conference!


Professor Hall said...

I totally agree that conference weekend is a real picker upper. My main problem with conference is that so many of my favorites have died recently. Elder Maxwell and Elder Faust have given some of the deepest most meaningful talks I have ever heard. When I see Elder Wirthlin wobbling on the stand, I worry, not fir him but for myself. Not another one of my favorites?You

Annie Hall said...

That is just like what Elder Bednar said at the fireside!

Sarah said...

I heart conference too. Those first two on Saturday were absolutely just for me. I miss seeing you in storytime. Everytime I sing "Open Shout Them" I think of you now! (and I try not to look so goofy and you say I do. =) ) xoxoxoxo always