Thursday, October 9, 2008

While Laundering

So today I was at the laundry mat. I guess I should explain this before I continue. So I was at the laundry mat because when we moved into our new house our washer was dropped down the stairs and now it isn't working. So, I was down to no clothes and thought it was time to suck up my pride and go to the laundry mat where all the crazies hang out and get my clothes cleaned. So I walked in and this younger guy immediately strikes up a conversation with me, then he opens the door for me as I bring in all my things. He was pretty good at making small talk, and I only found it awkward as I loaded my dirty underwear into the washer. Oh well, I will probably never see him again. As he left he shook my hand and told me his name. I guess the conclusion of the story is that even crazies can be nice.

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Annie Hall said...

What I am thinking while I am reading this is how come I am reading it on your blog and didn't get a little textie!?