Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What's in a Name?

So while Melane (stepmother) and the two littlest (Simon and Maddie) were visiting. I decided to try and look up the meaning of Simon's name. Well it didn't result in much, but it got me curious into what the rest of our name's meant. I got a kick out of the results. I did first and middle.

My sister Annie Marie: A graceful Sea of Sorrow
My brother Logan Wayne Reagan: A regal wagon driver from the Hollow.
My brother Jacob: Supplanter (which means, one who wrongfully or illegally seizes and holds the place of another.
My brother Jarom: WE ARE MORMON!!! (There wasn't a definition....)
My sister Madison Grace: Son of Maud, God's Favor
My brother Simon Carter: Obedient, Listening Cart Pusher
My father Steven Charles: A Wealthy Man









Melane Yvonne: A Black Tree




AND ME!!!!!! Katy Christine : A Pure Follower of Christ

Which name would you rather have?

(when showing this to a friend and laughing uncontrollably she had me look up her name. Now just in background this girl can't go on a "Boy Fast" for longer than 14 days. Her name meant "dedicated to Mars" and as we all know. MEN are from MARS!! Wow!!!! So just like my name meaning, perfectly describes me :) Hers perfectly describes her. ;)



Professor Hall said...

Now, the meanings you get depend on your source. When I look up the same names in my most reliable source, I get some different meanings:

Annie Marie - grace, beloved
Jarom - He will raise up
Madison - Son of Maude who is strength in battle
Melane Yvonne - a dark ornamental evergreen


Katy Christine - torture christian.

Marci said...

LOL Katy! I love it! Thanks for adding humor to my day :)

Andi said...

Katy, that's awesome! Where did you find that-I want to find out what my name means? Your dad's comment really cracks me up! And Marci-how perfect is that!!!

thoughts of a Wicked Stepmother said...

boy Katy I tell you what! its a good thing we are family!

Marcie said...

HAHAHA this ROCKS! I never thought to look up my middle name, I know my first name is warrior of Venus..