Thursday, February 5, 2009

A REALLY Good Find

Ok! So I found the most hilarious book at Barnes and Noble today. First of all I will have to say that I grew up in a family where potty humor was the preferred form of humor. So when growing up it always kind of befuddled me on how bodily functions can be so gross and stanky. Like it often leaves me wondering, "Sick! Who does that," but then i remember that everyone does. Every single living breathing creature does this vile disgusting act. So when I stumbled upon this book I had to buy it!

The way things are described is pretty amusing, and the illustrations are even better. But I will spare you the grotesque details. Just know that I will be saving this book for my posterity.


Annie Hall said...

So last time I was at Barnes and Noble (actaully the time before last while I was waiting for you and Matt) I found a book called chicken buns and it shows pictures of all kinds of animal bums and it has bears and ducks so I was basically in love. There was also a book called mr perfect for matt and one called what emotion is my face showing for you.

Em Ybarra said...

i LOVE that book! I keep meaning to get it! I really, really should. Great choice!

Professor Hall said...

Yes, and everyone has a prune-mouth clam.