Sunday, February 1, 2009

So why when I make my new motto for the new year, "Come what may, and love it" does everything go wrong? I really jinxed myself or God just has a great sense of humor. I have always heard the quote, "If you want to make God laugh tell him your plans." The problem is that i hadn't told him my plans but he still decided to have some fun with my life. Oh well. He has deinitely tried my faith and tried my new motto. Which I have to admit I haven't really stuck to for the last 2 weeks. Change is SOOO incredibly hard for me, especially when they don't give you any kind of heads up or preparatory period. I think that I could have handled the change better if they had said look this is what they are doing, you have a month. But they didn't. They said this is what is happening peace out and good luck. Well that doesn't jive with me too well, and I have had a rough couple of weeks. I think they could have handled things a little better but I have come to understand that when men run things they don't really put into consideration the emotions and feelings that coincide with change. I am grateful that I got to take a few of my friends with me, and that I will slowly be able to figure things out. It takes me awhile to adapt to huge change, but I know I will be fine in the end. I read this quote which helped.

"Each of us will have our own Fridays—those days when the universe itself seems shattered and the shards of our world lie littered about us in pieces. We all will experience those broken times when it seems we can never be put together again. We will all have our Fridays. But I testify to you in the name of the One who conquered death—Sunday will come. In the darkness of our sorrow, Sunday will come. No matter our desperation, no matter our grief, Sunday will come. In this life or the next, Sunday will come."
— Joseph B. Wirthlin


thoughts of a Wicked Stepmother said...

Katy, you are amazing! I don't think you will be one having to wait till the next life. You are an awesome girl, just look at it like a new adventure...that is what your dad always tells me when I feel like I have been thrown an undesired curve ball. love ya.

Trevor D. said...

It was a huge change for me when that huge change happened. You weren't the only one who was suffering. But you are trying to look on this as a good experience, and as Elder Wirthlin says, "Sunday will come." Sometimes I think it's hard for us to see it coming, but I believe that it will come as he says. You are an awesome friend, and have been there for me, and I hope I have been there for you too. Just hang on, and if you need somebody to talk to or anything, I'll be here for you. :)

- Trevor

Emily Dailey said...


I really related to this post... change is hard for me too! I love that talk by Elder Wirthlin, and I miss him now that he is gone. He gave a talk once that was a turning point in my life, and I have always loved him ever since.

I have found that although I initially hate change, it always brings about the biggest blessings. I'm sure you are finding that too. Thanks for sharing! And I agree with the other posts, I also think you are amazing. :)