Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My Mom! (this one's for you)

So I have been thinking a lot about the things that my mother taught me and how much they have impacted me.

She taught me how to be kosher or proper: When getting out of the car to go to a friend's house she ALWAYS reminded me to say please and thank you and always mind my manners. I was the pickiest eater when i was younger but when I went to my friends houses never once did I say no when dinner was served and it was something I didn't like. I always managed to choke it down and say thank you. Cause I knew that I needed to be polite.

She taught me to love others and look out for the underdog: I remember in Elementary school coming home and telling my mom about the social rejects at school. I would tell her about how people treated them. I remember her sitting me down and lovingly telling me that these kids have awful lives at home, and she taught me the valuable lesson of people who have less than us and that people who have earned love the least need it the most. I will never forget her teaching me this important principle in life. I remember at recess I would always make a personal effort to include the outcasts with my other friends and I.

She taught me to not get walked all over: There are times to be nice and there are times that you really just need to stand up for yourself. She taught me this when i was confronted with bullies or manipulative friends. I just remember her giving me advice on one friend in particular who would manipulate me in so many ways. She would coach me on what to say and make sure I followed through. She also taught me that I needed to return anger with kindness.

I can see why I have chosen Social Work as a profession. One must teach these children manners and social skills. One must have compassion and love for even the most coarse and unrefined individuals. However, one must still stand up for themselves and not let the children nor their parents mandate or manipulate how things are done. I love my job, and I don't think I would have the qualifications suited for it, if it wasn't for my mother who so lovingly distilled these values into my character so that it isn't just what I believe in, it's who I am.


Annie Hall said...

I love the post. But to be honest I am commenting only so I can be the better sister!

thoughts of a Wicked Stepmother said...

Katy, you are one lucky girl! Your mom is wonderful!

Hey Annie, that is cheating seeing The other sister is unable to access this at this time.