Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bark Odds

So today I received a text from my sister. Thinking nothing of it I opened the text and read it. This is what it said, "Bark Odds called me. Die if call you." With the name "Bark Odds" and the word "die" leaping from the page I almost had a mini panic attack. It literally made my skin crawl. So I text her back, "who is Bark Odds?" Turns out she was trying to text me, "carl never called me, did he call you?" Here it was an innocent text about precious Carl, and I thought it was some weirdo stalker man with a creepstache who was calling and harassing members of my family, and the only way to escape him was to DIE!!! Lesson learned is to spell check your texts before you send them.


Annie Hall said...

I am still laughing!

DangGina said...

Wow! I've had a few embarrassing texts sent (sometimes to the wrong person, sometimes in almost complete gibberish)...but I think this story takes the cake. Ha ha! I'm glad that there wasn't some weirdo stalker with a creepstache out to get your sister!