Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Rap About Me!

So a a guy that I met just a month ago here in the Single's Branch decided to make up a rap about me. It really fits me perfectly, and I was dying when i read it. Hope you enjoy it!

My name's Katy Hall
and I have lots of spunk.
I heart dorky guys and all that junk.

I heart every boy,
I heart them all the days.
How do I heart them?
Let me count the ways...

When boys teach Sunday School,
I must confess,
I hunger and thirst,
but not after righteousness.

I don't know why my life's so complicated,
it's just so hard when you're sexually frustrated!

My hair is red it attracts the guys,
especially my little Brandon Pie...

One day I'll have my chance,
to get me some brown pants!

That Mathew K. is really fine,
Someday I'll be Mrs. Kline!

-Johnathan Whiting

Some of you might not get the joke about brown pants. So just ignore that verse. From what I hear there is still more to come.

1 comment:

Marci said...

LOL I absolutely heart this. I am so glad you posted it!