Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Crazy Lady at the DMV

So last week I stopped by the DMV to get my Idaho drivers license. While I was waiting in line this crazy lady approaches the desk. The best way to describe her is that she is the female version of Willie Nelson. Anyway, she states that she wants to renew her license and the DMV lady tells her that her license has been expired since 2005. The crazy lady then states very rudely that she got an extension on it, and that her card had been stolen. Well she didn't have any other updated license so the DMV lady gets on the phone to figure out if her "extension" is in the computer system. While the cop is on the phone the crazy lady starts demanding to have her ID back. When the cop ignored her, she then rudely says, "Are you gonna make me reach for it?" She continues to be ignored, and the cop gets off the phone and tells her that all her extensions she filed were rejected because she didn't pass her eye exam. The crazy lady then starts carrying on about how she had gotten pepper spray in her eyes and that is the reason on why she had failed all her eye exams. She then yells at the cop again that she wants her ID back and the cop tells her she can't have it back and that she can't be driving anymore until she comes back and takes both the written and skills test. The crazy lady then exits mumbling and cursing at the cop. I am on the other side of the room just dying laughing. It was quite the experience.

The next day I had to stop by the DMV with a friend and I asked the cop lady if the crazy lady from the day before had returned. She just started laughing and and we shared a good laugh about her. Sometimes other peoples problems just bring humor to my life. Maybe its a sin to get a kick out of another's misfortune, but ultimately it made my day. :)

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Marcie and Doug said...

HAHAHA ohhh my gosh.. What a CRAZZZY!!! I didn't even think about posting my story about the crazy guy who was yelling at the people who work next to me.. Check my blog soon.. :D