Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Little Bitter

Can I write a bitter post? A few months back I was talking to one of my friend's mothers. She told me that single people are really selfish. My first reaction was to get defensive and then as I thought about it I really do agree with her. Since I have been in single's branches I have also come to the conclusion that we are very selfish. We have activities every Tuesday night. Some weeks we have service and other weeks we provide a dinner or fun activity. How many people show up to the dinners? 50-60 people. How many people show up for service? 10. Where did the other 40-50 go? Then there are the excuses....I have been busy, I have things to get done. Funny how those "things" only pop up on the service activity days.

Since I have been in the single's branch, my sister and I have always been the only people that show up every week to help clean the church when our branch is assigned a month to do it. So it would be us two and some weeks one other person would show up. Today I was the only one to show up to clean. Luckily a dad and his little boy were there and they felt bad enough for me that they offered to help. I am so grateful for him and his precious little boy.

In my life I know that by serving my Father in Heaven, whom I love so much, is the only way to get the best blessings. I will be blessed in much better ways than i could ever provide for myself. So throughout my life I will show up to not only the dinner and fun activities but also to the service activities and I will always be there when I can to clean the church.

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