Thursday, November 5, 2009

My "List"

So I have had a lot of these on my mind the last little while so I decided to compose a list of things that I think are HOT in boys.

1. When they are doing church duties, such as blessing the sacrament, home teaching, or bearing their testimony. There is nothing more hot than a boy that is HOT on the gospel.
2. When boys wear a suit and tie. The tie is just so hot and can be used to pull them closer. ;)
3. MINIVANS! This is hot because it is a bold statement that says that he is willing to forfeit all his coolness points to provide the maximum amount of comfort for his family, because he hearts them so much.
4. When a guy says my name. Instead of just making a statement like, "I think you did awesome," they say, "Katy, I think you did awesome." The use of my name makes me melt, and I guarantee you that I notice it. It doesn't matter who it is. I notice.
5. Brown dress pants with pin stripes. This is HOT!
6. When guys remember the details about you.
7. LIPS!! I am a lip freak. Lips can make or break a guy. Everything can be hot, but if they have bad lips it is a no go. Lips need to be the right size, proportioned, and the right color, and texture (not dry and weird).
8. I like it when they need a LITTLE help with their style. Dressing somewhat bad is like a neon sign that says, "I need YOUR help."
9. I like nerds. When they start talking in computer jargon, I can't help but wish they were whispering those nerdy sweet nothings in my ear. Talk C++ to me baby!
10. It is a turn on when they are good drivers. This means that they can chauffeur my babies around safely, and I don't need to worry. When a guy drives badly it is such a unattractive trait.
11. When guys do the small things. Like opening my door, carrying something for me, or walking me to my car. This shows great respect, and it's so dang HOT!
12. I think it's hot when a guy busts out and wears his glasses every once in awhile. If he wears them all the time, it isn't as attractive. It's just when he doesn't usually wear them and then busts them out every so often.
13. I love it when they are the type of guy that makes me feel safe and secure. They make me feel like they are in control and are capable of taking care of anything that might present itself. I just love that feeling. About 1/3 of the boys I meet make me feel this way. It isn't a rare quality but it's an essential quality.

Some of these are very unique to me. So don't think that in any way that these are what all girls want, or even the majority. It is just some things that I love about boys.


Annie Hall said...

I agree with most of them! I want to blog about this too. Blog steal!

Marci said...

HOT.... on the gospel! How about still HOT from the mission?! lol
So let's refer to your facebook status to understand the C++ thing a little better.... ;)