Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Heart Hurts....A Lot

My heart broke a million times over today. Another social worker's day in hell.

Why do parents think that emotionally abusing their kids is acceptable? Why do some parents think that to get their children to behave they have to scream every obscenity known to mankind at their children? Why do parents think that having their children undergo "bootcamp" is the way to get them to behave? Why do parents think that slaving their children away doing every kind of chore they can think of until Christmas, will give their children the desire to be well behaved? Why do parents think that giving children impossible tasks like doing 20 pushups in a row, and then using corporal punishment on them if they can't do it is a way to get them to obey? Why do parents think that it's ok to spank their children into submission and spanking them harder if they cry will help their children make better choices? I just can't even begin to fathom this mentality.

How can these precious children be treated like garbage. My heart absolutely aches. This blog doesn't even begin to express the situation. All I could do today was to provide some emotional support to the children, and say a silent prayer in my heart on their behalf, that somehow the Lord might be with them and strengthen them to endure their absolutely heartbreaking life.

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Lisa said...

THAT is why you are a good social worker. It is hard not to get emotionally involved, but that is why you are so important. You can be an angel and a blessing to these children and give them moments of peace, happiness, and hope. Teaching inner city kids is sometimes similar. keep being your wonderful self. You are bringing sunshine into the lives of others.