Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Christmas Season

My heart is truly bursting at the seams this Christmas season. I just can't get enough of everything Christmas. It seems like the spirit just encompasses me every minute of every day as everything around me reminds me of my Savior.

Reflecting on the Christmas story, I think that the Christ child deserved so much more than to start his life in a stable wrapped in rags. He is a King. However, to provide us with THE MOST perfect example the Savior was born into the most humblest of circumstances. He led a life of complete and perfect service. He is my exemplar, and the more I study his life and ministry the more in awe I am of his complete and perfect compassion.

....and as I hustle and bustle from store to store trying to find the perfect gifts for the people I love the most, I can't help being humbled by the reason for the season. The Savior entered this life for ME to give me the ULTIMATE gift of eternal life. Nothing has or ever will compare to that everlasting gift. How grateful I am to my Heavenly Father for the gift of His Son, and for my Savior's atoning sacrifice. Words could never describe the utmost gratitude that I hold for Him. I love Him SO very much.

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Annie Hall said...

Hmmm you have such a good perspective. I have been extra grouchy this year... For some reason it was just brought home to me that without mom there really isn't much magic to Christmas. Time for me to have a charlie brown moment and realize that it is about our Savior and not about anything else. Can't wait to see you!