Thursday, December 31, 2009

Truman Madsen

Truman Madsen, a great church scholar died back in May. I have to say that I have heard the man speak and have personally held a rather interesting conversation with him about 2 years before he died. I took a class from his daughter at BYU-Idaho and while my friends and I were at Walmart gift shopping, I ran into my teacher and Truman Madsen (he was in town and had just given the BYU- Idaho devotional a few hours before.) I striked up a conversation with his daughter, and noticed that Truman had a band-aid on his forehead. Remembering that he didn't have it there a few hours before during the devotional I asked him if someone wasn't too keen on what he had to say and jumped him afterward. He laughed and said that that wasn't the case and that he had just bumped his noggin. We laughed some more, and then they asked us what we were shopping for as they eyed our gifts. My roommate (obviously not thinking) blurts out bridal shower gifts. Truman eyes our whipped cream and chocolate syrup in our hands and then.....awkward silence. My friend not being able to handle the awkward vibes busts out "we're baking a cake." The conversation couldn't be saved. We all started laughing and peaced out. How is it that the only time I meet a venerable church scholar, he catches me doing something scandalous. My reputation probably won't be saved any time soon.


Professor Hall said...

Well at least you can breathe again now that he is dead.

Annie Hall said...

I am so glad you blogged about this! I read it to lolly and she laughed so hard!

DangGina said...

Bwa ha! -But isn't Scandal your middle name? :)