Wednesday, January 13, 2010

18 Days of Non-Stop Fun!

I love my friends!!

So tonight Kristen suggested to me that I should plan a special event for every day until I leave on the 30th. I want to hit up all of my favorite things about the area. So we made a calendar and filled it up with things we are going to do. 30 minutes later i was dashing out out of the house to start my first night of fun.


One of my favorite spots to sit and relax and swap gossip. There has been many a nights of scandal there. Who can pass up soaking in a hot tub and having hot tub talk? Love it!

I will be sure to give you a play by play for the next 17 days. Oh man, I am so excited to do this!! But oh how I am going to miss it here. My friends are so amazing and supportive! I couldn't be more blessed.


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