Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Positives

I get to have my BFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF back again - my sister.

I will be a mile away from Lagoon. For sure I'll be purchasing a season pass.

I will live closer to my best friend in high school, Breanna. We can hang out all the days.

I will be changing pastures, and getting to know lots of new people. What a great opportunity.

I will be closer to my extended family and will finally get to know my cousins and aunts and uncles better. YAY for family!

I will be in Utah and there will be more to do, such as fun concerts and other funtivities.

I will have more time on my hands to do things I want to do, and further develop my talents.

I won't have to come home 3 times a week reeking of cigarettes.

Even with this huge list I made, it's still SO super hard to leave all my friends here. The only way I would possibly be making this move is if it were right, and so I know it is. I look at it this way. I can either move and be sad, or move and be happy. Either way I am moving, and so I choose to be happy. My roommate Deatra told me that she would bet that in 6 weeks I would be able to name 2 reasons on why I was supposed to move down. So stay tuned, in 2 months I shall be posting an update on that. :)

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