Sunday, February 21, 2010

Agency to Choose the BEST

Today in church we talked about agency and how we are able to choose between good and evil. As the discussion wore on I was thinking about how we also have the ability to choose between something that is good and something that is the BEST for us.

I have been tossed about quite a bit in my life but I have always known where I am supposed to be and when I am to be there. The Lord had inspired me to act and do things that would provide the BEST learning experiences and the BEST blessings. I just needed to have the faith to do it. Recently he allowed me to choose whether to move to Utah. I was given a blessing that stated that I would be blessed for whatever decision I made. Yes, the Lord wouldn't stop blessing me if I didn't move, but by doing what I felt inspired to do, I am now in a position to receive the blessings that are BEST for me. The other faith defining feats were smaller in comparison to the one I just made but had prepared my faith so that I would have enough to do it.

One of my friends who I would say is a faithful member of the church was confronted with a situation. She decided to choose the opposite of what she felt inspired to do. I often think about what amazing blessings she is missing out on based on that decision. Yes, she still has a good life, but does she have the BEST one that she could possibly have? I know that when we do what we are inspired to do, that the blessings will be poured out on us. And who wouldn't choose that? I would, and I have!

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