Monday, February 22, 2010

Extraction Good Times

So I decided to work on some extractions today. I received a batch from Hawaii and it was crazy to see some of the names I had to decipher. Here are a few:


Anyway, there are tons more that were super long!!! Holy Moly! Do you know how long it would take to learn how to say your name. I only pray that they had a nickname of some sort. And I thought the Russian names were bad.


DangGina said...

Oh, aren't extractions fun? And you know what's great about those Hawaiian names is that each 2 letters or so is a whole new syllable. HOLY CROW!

PS I heart your sassy new picture up top!

Annie Hall said...

They do have nicknames. Like Vi. His real name is like 27 characters long and his wife's is even longer! But you knew that already!

Logan said...

My first batch was from Mississippi, and the handwriting was so bad that I couldn't read most of it. Sometimes I wish cursive had never been invented.