Sunday, June 6, 2010

Game Over

So (I have no clue how this got started) but my friend Andrea and I had this joke about Todd Kunz, the local Channel 3 news anchor. So we started playing "Spot Todd Kunz." We would text each other whenever we saw him driving around town. Idaho Falls is fairly small so this was easy to do. However, we made the rule that if you spot him in the Temple (he was LDS) that you win forever. (Just like if you spell Chuck Norris in Scrabble. You win forever) Anyway, neither of us have yet. However, I would like to call the game off because now that I am no longer in Idaho Falls I don't have the same chances of spotting him. It's only fair that a truce be called. However, I will forever miss the excitement of spotting his little gold Maxima and earning another tally. :)

1 comment:

Annie Hall said...

ROFL!!! Seriously? You even have a picture!? Someone crushing much?