Thursday, June 24, 2010

A New Resolve

My former Branch President, President Simpson is one of the men that I have grown to admire most in my life. He was my Branch President when I lived in Idaho Falls. I remember sitting in meetings in the morning talking about each and every person in the branch and how we can help them reach their potential. He was all about concern for the one. When speaking with others he would always encourage us to inquire not just how they are doing, but how they're REALLY doing. In doing this people would begin to pour out their hearts to me, and I became the person that many people would confide in. Lots car talks would happen after FHE and other activities. I loved being the person that people would confide in.

I remember whenever I would venture into President Simpson's office for anything, I would always come out feeling like a million bucks. He was so sincere in his compliments and I knew he meant each and every one of them. He would just smile at me with his piercing blue eyes (which always made me feel like he could see into my soul) and say, "Katy, you are the best of the best."

In February I moved down to Utah, when President Simpson was saying his goodbyes to me. He said some pretty amazing things to me that I will never forget. He told me of something that I had taught him and how much it meant to him. It was a little bit awkward standing there, while one of the most amazing men I knew was pouring his heart out to me about how I had taught HIM something. It was a great moment in my life, and I am still blown away by all the great things he sees in me. They were always things that I really needed to hear at the time.

So my new resolve is to be kind to EVERYONE. There have definitely been people who have been rude to me or who haven't treated me the best, but I realize that I can be the better person. I can always be nice. That was the motto my mother always encouraged me to live by. Who doesn't perform better in a spirit of encouragement then they would in a spirit of criticism? I have seen this with my own calling. I'm definitely not the best person for it, but last week, while I was beating myself up about it, someone stopped me in the hall and told me how great of a job I was doing. I don't think he knows how much that comment meant to me. I felt like I had just been recharged to be able to keep going. Also, to all my other great friends who have been helping me and encouraging me despite my lack of know how and skills. THANKS! I guess the point of this blog is just to say, let's look for the positive in others, and let them know about it. Who knows how much one sincere compliment can go? Most of the time we never will.

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Marci said...

AWESOME blog! I love Pres Simpson, and always will for many of the same reasons you do. He cares so much. I am so glad for special moments when he let me know how important the work I do is, even when I doubt myself or don't have the best attitude. I will remember being in his branch forever. I agree with you; we should all try to follow his example...