Monday, June 28, 2010

A Katy Moment

Yeah! You already know where I am going with this, huh?

So......this last summer my friends and I spent a fun-filled day in Yellowstone. We had a great day, and just as we were heading home to catch the women's conference and chocolate fest, a fire sprung up blocking the South exit. Construction had the west exit closed and we didn't want to go east. So that left our only other option as north, clear up to Montana and then cutting back down through Bozeman. What would have been a 2 hour trip back turned into 6. We missed the women's conference but the theme of the trip ended up being "come what may, and love it." We enjoyed every second of our detour. So in Bozeman we decided to stop for some sustenance and gas. A couple of the girls ran in and I was bored in the back seat. So I grabbed Kristen's binoculars on the seat and started to jest about the lack of hot boys in Bozeman. Just then a boy about my age started walking into the store. So I start using the binoculars. Well I zoomed in and was checking him out. Foot to....head. When I zoned back up at the face I realized he was staring right back at me, and he wasn't smiling. OOPS! Forgot the windows weren't tinted. HAHA! I always get myself into trouble. So as a going away present when i moved they bought me my own set of SUPER nice make my awkward moments more convenient I guess. :)

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DangGina said...

I pretty much love this story! Bwa ha! It sounds just like something that would happen to me...

PS Was he hot?