Thursday, July 8, 2010

All Molly and Junk

So during my unemployed days I ran into a super cute pattern for a "Messenger Bag." Not having sewn in years I was a little bit nervous to take it on, but as I started sewing I found that I couldn't stop. With every step the bag got more and more cute. Being too excited to sleep until I saw the finished product I stayed up till 2:00 in the morning finishing it. Here it is.

When I find employment I've decided that I would like to make one more in a different color. I am absolutely in love with it. It was everything I was looking for. Who knew I had so much "Molly" in me?


melane said...

That is Cute! I love it!

KIRI said...

i want this pattern!

jamila said...

I should have consulted with you about D.C. before coming out because I'm not going to get to do Ford's. I guess that just means that I will have to come back sometime, which I would really like to do.
The purse is way cute! I don't know how to sew, so I just have to envy all of you people who can.

Lolly said...

I loved it when I saw it last week. I could not remember if that was the fabric you bought or that was a bag you had purchased. That was how good you did. Super duper cute!