Thursday, September 16, 2010

6 years

So it has been 6 years now. In my reflection this last week I have thought a lot about my mom and some of the things that she was most looking forward to in her life. On multiple occasions (this just proves how excited she was) she would state, "I CANNOT wait to find out who you marry?" This was never said in a tone of mere curiosity, but a tone that meant. Who the heck is the Lord going to pull out of a hat that could take you on?? But I know she was so excited about it. :)

I know that she was also super excited to be a grandparent. She would talk all the time about "spoiling her granchildren dirty rotten," and giving them "everything their little hearts desired", so they would be rotten when I came to pick them up. :) She was so excited to see all her children get married, and go through the temple.

When these thoughts first came to my head it made me sad that she had died before any of her children were married, before any of her children were endowed, and before she ever had the chance to be a grandma.

However, my Heavenly Father knew of my worries, and in a blessing I received He told me that my mother already knew how my life would turn out and she was SO excited for me. She already knows whom I will marry, and that she already knows who my children will be. She has already been shown that her children will be ok, and not just ok, but happy.

I also know that my mother was with each of us as the first 3 of her children have gone through the temple, and will also be with Jarom as he goes later this year. She will be there in spirit! Of this I KNOW. I hope that she is looking down and is proud of us and of me. She has such a better watch over me now, and I am grateful for that. LOVE YOU MOM!

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