Friday, December 3, 2010

Another Pooticular Event

Why is it always me??? Why oh why oh why?? Dude!!! What is it about me and stepping in poo. I think I step in poo more in a month then everyone else does in a lifetime. Reese and I went on a walk up the mountain and I stepped in poo. I went to a rake and run with the ward and stepped in poo, and then today at work I freakin' stepped in poo. ACK! So here's the story:

I am over the 2 year olds and we all know that that is the year where they start their potty training. So when ever I change their diapers I just have them sit on the potty to get in the habit. Well this one girl that I have has been staying dry all week and will go on the potty everytime I put her on. So yesterday I told her mom that she should start potty training at home and put her in underwear. Well today was the first day for her in underwear and she did great ALL day until.... she told me she needed to go poo so I told her to go in a start and I was going to follow 3 seconds behind. Well I swung open the little gate and stepped in a HUGE pile of poo. This girl must have been saving up for a few days. So with my foot smeared in poo I stand there thinking about what my next move should be, I look up and guess who is walking into the room. The mom of the girl whose poo I am standing in. YIKES! Thank goodness it was a Friday and it was the end of the day. I am sure there will be another poo story to follow soon. It will be called "A Series of Pooticular Events." HAHA!


DangGina said...

Wow. And this time it belonged to
a small human!

Professor Hall said...

I once stepped in poop while being shown a government subidized apartment. I was told that I would be put on a list but that I would have to wait several months. I got a call that same day. I think they gave me the apartment because I was the one that tracked poop on the carpet and they wouldn't have to clean it.