Thursday, March 10, 2011


So I would have to say that I like to compare myself to this guy.

No I am not mean and grumpy, but I have to admit that he cleaned house pretty well. That is what I do. I have had many past roommates leave things in the house when they move out cause they just don't feel like moving it. "Ah I will just leave the Christmas tree here I don't feel like taking it down. You can have it." Or, "I don't feel like going through all my food, so you can just have it." Well for sure I take full advantage. I take their stuff that they are too "busy" to deal with. At the end of semesters in college I went from apartment to apartment amongst my ward and asked them for the food and cleaning supplies they didn't want. When I move I take every single screw and bolt. I like to call this "grinching." Recently at the ward campout they were giving out the extra food, and I took full advantage. Nobody else wanted it, so I took it. "How much cheese do you want?" "All of it." I grinched the food there, and I didn't leave a crumb for a mouse. :)

(This is not to say that I am a pack rat. I really only own things that I need or want and usually go through my stuff and DI it. But I don't just leave things because I don't want to take the effort to take it.)


Annie Hall said...

Yeah you grinched a lot of stuff but then someone stole them from us! Saddness!

Megan said...

That's what I was gonna say. All that hardwork for nothing! It's my fault.