Wednesday, March 9, 2011


So a little over a year ago one of my guy friends took me on a date. Before the date we had really only interacted in a group social setting. Evidently after the date he told me that I wasn't at all what he had assumed. Whether it was all good or all bad, or a bit of both, I am interested to know. He told me he would write a little blog post about it or something. But he still hasn't done it. I am still anxiously awaiting it. I think that it's always important to know how you come off to other people and how people really view you. Can't wait to read it. :) (The intent of this post is to get him motivated to do it.)

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Anonymous said...

During the winter of 2008, I met an intriguing young lady from Kearney, Nebraska while caroling at an assisted living center with a group of mutual friends. She was glaring at me as if to say "What are you doing to this song?"; Really, I was just singing the bass part of a familiar number.

Shortly after that we became Facebook friends, hit it off, and I was customizing my voicemail recording (to the tune of O'Tannenbaum) as

♪Oh Katy Hall
Oh Katy Hall
Why don't you leave me a message?♫

While she texted me:

Katy Hall: Where are you? I have my midnight kisses waiting for are going to miss out! 12:12 AM

Just before she left the state, I took her on our first date. (I know you'll think my timing is off - more on that later.)

We had an inside joke about Monday evening dates, so we planned one. I picked her up in her preferred ride, took her to a Salvadoran restaurant, and -- because her love language is quality time -- had prepared a simple activity that allowed us to spend some time one on one.

There is something to say for dating right here: in a way that hadn't occurred through our association in the previous year, I began to see her vulnerable side and recognize that this popular girl was completely approachable.

There is a girl named Kate,
Who you took on a date
Just before she left the state!
Don't you think that's a little late?

I have a word to say.
As I learn something new each day,
I don't just tuck it away:
It changes the way I play.

If at first intimidated,
You will become elated
To find what you've created
Was only in your mind.