Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Charlie Brown = Me

This is me! Isn't Charlie Brown known for his persistence in things that he obviously sucks at. Well I am Charlie Brown when it comes to dating. I try to be persistent and I don't have a lack of dates. But the problem is that I suck at them. I suck at dating. I recently went on a date that I was excited about and....... I killed it. On dates I am a bundle of nervous Katy energy that presents itself in the worst state of awkwardness ever. I have no chance in the dating world, and the worst part about it is that I ruin it. Nobody to blame but myself. I just find myself yet again hitting myself over the head and saying just like Charlie Brown, "I've killed it. Oh! Everything I touch gets ruined."


Natalie said...

Oh Katy! It is NOT just you. I know this because:

1) You are fun, cute, successful, and wonderful

2) I have so SOOOO many friends and family members that are in the same boat! Dating seems to be much more difficult for the masses than it really should be!

I'm sorry you had a bad date. Been there!

Rhonda said...

Katy, You are so silly. I know there is someone out there just waiting to have his life touched by that big bundle of Katy energy.
My son often refers to himself as Charlie Brown, also. On a # of occasions I have heard him utter those infamous words "I'm doomed!".
Be patient Katy, the right one is out there and being prepared for you.