Saturday, July 16, 2011

One-Eyed Bob

So I have some great friends who have introduced me to the great sport of fishing. I had some reservations at the beginning but have decided that I LOVE it. Super relaxing to just sit and soak up a few rays while chatting with friends. So today we went to Lost creek and the fish weren't biting at all. My friend Kathy was the only one to get a bite. She reeled it in but it escaped right before she got it to shore. When she glanced at the hook a few minutes later this is what she saw.....

Poor fish!! I felt super bad! Somewhere in that lake is a fish without his eye. Maybe he will become the famous fish in the lake that the little fishies run away from, and tell their friends that they saw One-Eyed Bob. Makes me sad. I heart the little fish that lost his eye today. Maybe deep down I don't have the heart to be a fisherman.

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Megan said...

super gross. blech