Saturday, July 23, 2011

Two Sesame Streets and a Mr. Rogers

It drives me nuts when I have no concept of what time it is. So when working with two year olds I often feel bad when they have no concept of time. I often try to explain it to them in a way that their little minds can comprehend it. "Mommy will be here in 10 minutes and that is a short time." "We are going to go outside, eat lunch, and then it will be rest time and you can have your blanky." All of this reminds me of when I was little and had no perception of time. My family would often take long road trips to Utah and I remember asking my dad the infamous question of, "When are we gonna get there?" Instead of just responding with an hour and a half or 2 hours he would say, "Two Sesame Streets and a Mr. Rogers." Now that was a way I could understand better. My dad is pretty stinkin' cute.

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