Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Why I Always Put My Face On

One night over a bonfire I was relating to my group of friends why I am rarely seen without makeup. Whenever I have gone out without my face people have always asked me if I was really tired. That is sorta rude. When people appear tired, they are pretty much looking like poo. So if no makeup=tired and tired=poo. Then no makeup=poo. Get my math. However my friend Brandon being the witty gem that he is chimes in. Katy I think you are looking very well rested. *Elbow nudge* Thank you Brandon! I now know why I like to keep you around.

P.S. Brandon, I still remember the night you made our "head heart" secret sign into an emoticon. (:<3 We were texting each other in the same dark room while suffering through a horribly boring movie.

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